Dee Stirling

I am a storyteller, a lover of language and languages. I am also a pioneer for positive change. I am on a mission to empower everyone, everywhere – to unlock their inner confidence to make their dreams come true, whatever age or stage they are at. This is the purpose of DEWD, sharing stories so people understand we are all connected and we can all make steps for real change and growth in our lives

I am so excited to announce my next podcast series:

The Second Curve – incredible stories of reinvention to create exciting, purposeful lives

To second curve is to reimagine and reinvent when perhaps least expected but with extraordinary outcomes. Join me as I traverse the globe to explore the motivation, challenges, successes and failures of Second Curvers. Dull careers and relationships left behind, thoughts of retirement abandoned – these people are the masters of ikigai, the Japanese ideology of purpose to life rich with happiness and satisfaction. Are you a Second Curver, waiting to be ignited?