Dee Stirling

I am a storyteller, a lover of language and languages. I am also a pioneer for positive change. I am on a mission to empower everyone, everywhere – to unlock their inner confidence to make their dreams come true, whatever age or stage they are at. This is the purpose of DEWD, sharing stories so people understand we are all connected and we can all make steps for real change and growth in our lives

I am so excited to announce my next podcast series:

The Second Curve – living your best life

I will ‘virtually’  travel the globe to explore the motivation, challenges and success of people who have reinvented themselves after changing their primary career or have acknowledged that life is too short to be unhappy at work and made a shift or embarked on a new life or goal. We will turn the word ‘retirement’ on its head – whether it’s retiring from work or a relationship or a situation. In Japanese culture, the idea of retirement doesn’t exist and there isn’t a word for ‘retire’ but instead ‘ikigai’ which means ‘happiness, satisfaction and purpose to life.

Launch date coming soon!