Annee De Mamiel: The Moments of Change

November 30, 2021

Today, my guest is Annee de Mamiel, world-renowned skin health specialist, and founder of natural skincare range  De Mamiel – activated by science and designed to treat the impact of stress on the skin. 

Annee de Mamiel grew up in rural Australia. And after an early career in the pharmaceuticals industry, she pivoted into finance and excelled as a trader on the financial markets. She also pursued her love of sport and became one of Australia’s top women triathletes. Then, the sudden death of her dear mentor made her question her life and, as a result, she made some quick and drastic changes. Later, following her cancer diagnosis, she continued to change and evolve her purpose. Today we discuss her journey, her challenges, and her epiphany moments.

Since early childhood, Annee has been fascinated with the human body and physiology, this passion led her to a new career path when she decided to finish her chiropractic degree and focus on holistic medicine. Following this, she became an aromatherapist, holistic facialist and expert in Chinese medicine. Annee was diagnosed with cancer while being in the middle of making these lifestyle changes, and it was her experience in holistic medicine, physiology and the mind/body connection that encouraged her to seek a very specific form of treatment. And ultimately set her on the path to where we find her now. 

We talked about how she felt during these immensely difficult times, and how hard the feeling of ‘risking it all’ was. Annee also shared how important focus and balance are in our lives, the impact of stress on our wellbeing, and how to be open to change and new opportunities.

Points of Discussion:

  • Introduction (01:00)
  • Why the pharmaceutical industry? (1:29)
  • Highlights of finance career (03:45)
  • Time of career change (06:10)
  • Was it a risk to leave the world of finance and money? (08:05)
  • Cancer diagnosis and coping with it (09:05)
  • Changing aspects to survive (15:07)
  • Setting up a business and new road (19:15)
  • What have you learned about yourself by building a business? (22:45)
  • Interconnections between three elements and where does imbalance lie (24:30)
  • Annee’s secret of living a healthy life (26:40)
  • How do you handle change, and how do you feel about it? (30:50)
  • What would you say to a 20-year-old self? (32:15)
  • Key takeaways (33:04)

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