Business pivot helped me succeed | Andrew Forman

December 16, 2021

My guest Andrew Foreman is a former banker, who after his MBA at Harvard Business School, decided to resolve a problem he experienced to make charitable giving smarter. Fast forward he took the leap, made a business pivot and became an entrepreneur. Today Andrew is co-founder and CEO of Givz, a high-growth tech platform created to resolve this problem.

Andrew shared the story of his journey from banker to entrepreneur. During the transition there were many highs and lows. He described how he was feeling during the tough times of business challenges and things not working. 

We talked about how becoming a parent changed his point of view. Andrew reflected on his life purpose and shared with us his thoughts on that matter.

“ I always wanted more than just making money out of money. “ 

Andrew Forman

Points of Discussion:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • How did you decide to start a business? (01:47)
  • Being called wanterpreneur fueled Andrew’s fire (03:35)
  • What was the emotion around not going back to banking? (05:45)
  • Beginnings of Givz and how it looks today (07:05)
  • What were the big business pivots and how did you cope with them? (09:11)
  • What were the changes for you as a business leader? (12:48)
  • How do you deal with uncertainty? (13:51)
  • After becoming a parent, how did that change you as a person? (15:17)
  • Who were the people who influenced you? (16:57)
  • What is your superpower? (19:08)
  • What did you learn about yourself that you are going to bring forward? (20:36)
  • What do you feel is your purpose in life? (21:55)
  • Key takeaways (23:32)

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