Ready to Pivot? Fire up Life and Career Change with Olivia Goredema

March 22, 2022

Speaking to Octavia today reminded me that we are all constantly working through a cycle of change. Sometimes we seem to see life as a series of steadier moments, punctuated by dramatic shifts. Often, as she points out, change might happen quickly, but the ripple effects last much longer.

My guest today is Octavia Goredema – author, entrepreneur and career coach, British by birth and resident of LA. Octavia is the founder of Twenty Ten Agency a career coaching company that works with individuals and also major corporations to help them advance the leadership development of underrepresented employees. She is the author of the book PREP, PUSH, PIVOT which helps women of colour navigate the key moments that define their careers.

While change might happen suddenly, the ripple effects from that change can take much longer…

Octavia Goredema

Thank you for listening to this week’s episode. And thank you to Octavia for her energy and for her wisdom.

Points of discussion:

Introduction (00:00)

Going back to Octavia’s decision to relocate to the US (02:15)

Twenty Ten Agency Launch and Growth (06:36)

What has changed from when you started your work (09:28)
What are a few things large corporations should lead to after COVID (15:03)

Push, Prep, Pivot Book (16:12)
How Octavia dealt with her fears (22:33)

Epiphany moments (23:49)
Secrets of how to get ahead of yourself (29:08)

The best advice Octavia have been given (31:25)
Key Takeaways by Dee (33:22)