Christine Handy Cancer disruptor

November 8, 2021

The story of how of extreme health issues led to a life-changing epiphany

Today I am happy to welcome Christine Handy, mother, model, humanitarian, cancer survivor, and author of “Walk with me,” a novel based on her experiences of dealing with multiple cancers and soon to be made into a film. Today she devotes her life and energy to supporting, helping and motivating others.

Christine told us the story of her health challenges right from the moment they started. After her first surgery, it took her a year to recover. She realised her illness was a wake-up call.

After her second surgery, Christine had a complication and noone, including doctors and family believed that she was unwell. She shared with us how this impacted her emotionally. When she finally got a second medical opinion, the infection was so bad that she needed urgent surgery. 

Christine also shared the story of how she first discovered she had breast cancer and fell into deep despair. Her life and her career as a model had been built on how she looked and external considerations. With the passing of time, she found the courage and rebuilt her trust in others and started to have self-esteem for the first time. She also realised that her life purpose was to help others. 

After all of the hardships she went through, Christine wrote a book about her experiences which is being made into a film and became a motivational speaker. Her trauma transformed into creative fuel. Among many inspiring projects she is working on, Christine designed a swimsuit line for women that had mastectomies due to breast cancer.

Points of Discussion:

  • Introducing (00:42)
  • The impact of health challenges and the moment it started (01:15)
  • At what point did you recognize that you wanted to shift something in your life? (04:52)
  • Complications after second surgery (06:09)
  • How long did it take to recalibrate from that experience? (13:36)
  • How did you cope with ongoing crises? (17:40)
  • About self-talk (20:32)
  • What did you learn about yourself? (22:54)
  • The moment when things started to shift (24:23)
  • The moment you felt ready to go forward (29:25)
  • Do you think this world has moved on in terms of women and how we feel about ourselves? (36:25)
  • Tips on focusing on yourself (39:02)
  • What is the advice you give people who are in moments of pure struggle? (40:41)
  • How to find your purpose (42:42)
  • Who has been a guide for you? (44:43)
  • Big and exciting things ahead of you (46:08)
  • Key takeaways (47:52)

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