Extraordinary Journey from Inmate to Fitness Entrepreneur | Coss Marte

January 26, 2022

My guest today is Coss Marte born and raised on the lower east side in New York, the son of Dominican immigrants and raised by a single mother who struggled to support her family. Coss started selling drugs at the age of 13 and for the next ten years, he was in and out of correctional facilities. By the age of 23, he was the leader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation.

He got arrested again and was sentenced to seven years in prison. During that time Coss learned that he was dangerously overweight. He embarked on a journey to change his poor habits. He got healthy little by little and slowly really fit and started training other inmates. Whilst in solo confinement he had an epiphany.

He resolved not to return to drugs. And came up with the idea of ConBody, the business he subsequently launched sometime after coming out of prison. ConBody studios offer a series of 45-minute routines using only bodyweight and focused on maximum movement in a small space. 

Today, Coss is a fitness entrepreneur and his business also has a social mission to provide training and employment for young men leaving prison.

“Giving people a second chance that was one thing that I was struggling with when I came home.” – Coss Marte

Points of discussion:

(00:00) Introduction

(02:38) Tell me about the first time you went to a correctional facility

(04:59) What was the impact on your mother?

(05:32) Did you enjoy the hustle?

(06:20) Take me to the time of your 7-year sentence and health issues

(11:07) What was your thinking about going back out? Epiphany moment

(16:58) How the world was when you came out of the prison?

(20:11) Did you miss anything about the prison?

(20:55) How Coss launched his business

(25:10) What would your advice be for someone coming out of prison?

(25:56) The one thing that society could do for people that have been on the wrong side of the track

(26:51) Discrimination Coss gets as a business owner

(27:39) Where do you want to take a business today?

(30:32) How has being a father changed you?

(32:19) Looking back, what has been the biggest lesson you took from all of the past?

(33:40) Key takeaways by Dee

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