Dr. David Jack: Entrepreneurship is about leaving the safety blanket behind

June 2, 2021

On the show today, we have spectacular Dr. David Jack, one of the new-generation medical doctors who have become pioneering health and wellness entrepreneurs. He pursued a clinical career in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine worldwide before landing in London, where he runs his own clinic. In 2018, he launched Dr. David Skin Care based on the demand of clients. Along the way, he launched a number of other exciting businesses in the health and wellness space.

We talk about what happened with our skin last year. David has noticed a change in how people feel about it because they focus on skin health more. Since we spent so much time in front of Zoom, we are more aware of how our skin looks, and David explains how blue light coming from our screens affects our skin. 

David shared with us consumer trends in the world of skincare and how coming back to normality reflects on his business. He generously gave us advice on choosing face UV protection and what quality indicators to look for in a product. He also talked about skin aging and health in general and how to reverse the damage that happens to our skin.

We have heard about David’s road from being a successful plastic surgeon to becoming an entrepreneur. He talked about his experience of launching a product line and how he decided to take a leap and become an entrepreneur. 

David shared his career challenges with us, such as being judged, doing marketing for health and wellness products, and formulating new products, which is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, he is super excited about growing his skincare brand, new products he is working on, launching in the US, and, of course, about his book “Vain Glorious: A shameless guide for men who want to look their best.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Introducing (00:50)
  • What happened to our skin during the Covid-19 pandemic period? (02:42)
  • Longterm consequences of increased screen time (04:29)
  • Do blue light filters really work? (07:13)
  • Consumer trends (08:08)
  • Myths in skincare world: UV protection (11:22)
  • Anti-aging (16:05)
  • The genesis of Dr. David Jack product line (18:40)
  • What made you take the entrepreneurial leap? (25:00)
  • What was the biggest challenge for you? (28:49)
  • What are you passionate and excited about today? (32:17)
  • What would you’ve been doing if you weren’t doing this? (35:01)
  • Who or what has been the biggest inspiration in your life? (35:56)

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