Emma Slade: Change Requires Courage

November 23, 2021

I welcomed Emma Slade, who after studies in Fine Art went into banking, becoming a successful financial analyst. Some years ago, she was in Jakarta on a business trip when she was held at gunpoint. After this profound trauma, she went on a journey which led her to make some fundamental changes in her life. 

Emma shared the story of how the moment of intense fear made her aware that she wanted to do more with her life. It changed her priorities and gave her the sense that being alive is not to be taken for granted.

She talked about how yoga helped her in the process of letting go of many things and of the role that Buddhism played in her life from a young age. In 2014 she has ordained a Buddhist nun in Bhutan.

We discussed topics such as motherhood, happiness, change and finding one’s purpose. Emma also shared her concerns about the world today, including the theme of harm and the harm that people do to one another. 

At the end of our conversation, we agreed that it would be wonderful if the world had a “Do not harm anyone day,’ a day when every person on the earth agrees not to harm anyone in thought, word or action.

If you feel like something is really adding to your negative state of mind, then have the courage to limit it or step away from it.

Emma Slade

Points of Discussion:

  • Introducing (00:52)
  • The change after trauma (01:31)
  • About yoga, meditation and Buddhism (04:30)
  • How do you keep the continuity? (10:53)
  • Do you believe in chance? (11:50)
  • Becoming a Buddhist nun (12:54)
  • Epiphany of motherhood (14:04)
  • About happiness (20:49)
  • Advice for the people who are trying to escape the prison of themselves (22:30)
  • About change and uncertainty (26:10) 
  • How do you use your previous experience in your work today? (29:27)
  • How can people find purpose today? (35:33)
  • What is your biggest concern in the world today? (38:06)
  • The question people ask you the most (40:02)
  • Key takeaways (42:17)

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