Fashion tech start-up,Whering, champions eco-friendly consumer experience

August 12, 2021

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce Bianca Rangecroft, the founder and CEO of Whering, the fashion tech app that allows you to digitise your wardrobe and see and style what you own.

Bianca spent the first 4.5 years of her career in Banking at Barclays and Goldman Sachs in London. She worked on two big fashion IPOs, which is how she got a feel for this industry and began exploring demographics and how the sustainability pain point was evolving. While working on the Stitch Fix IPO, she started thinking about how she could harness machine learning to democratize the personal styling landscape.

Bianca explained that her route into the sustainable fashion space really stemmed from being a frustrated consumer: “I wanted to help Millennial and Gen Z users, like myself, escape the buy-use-dispose model, but I had a hard time finding access to sustainable styling advice.”

She decided to resolve the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma and took the leap and started her entrepreneurial journey in 2020. Her app, Whering is designed to help people rediscover what they already own and empower conscientious consumers to do better with their wardrobe and buy in a way that is more eco friendly. 

Key points of discussion:

  • Introduction (00:32)
  • If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be and why? (00:53)
  • Why Bianca decided to build a fashion tech app (02:11)
  • Why clothes are so fundamental (04:57)
  • How is the Whering app empowering conscientious consumers to do better with their wardrobe (06:11)
  • The effect of fast fashion and our societies’ desire to consume (10:35)
  • Sustainable innovations in fashion(13:43)
  • What have been the biggest challenges in building a sustainable brand? (17:59)
  • Bianca’s hardest moment in the business (24:27)
  • The biggest challenge in the sustainability entrepreneurship journey so far (30:31)
  • What was the greatest piece of advice you have been given (33:56)

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