Healing Journey After Childhood Trauma | Pirie Jones Grossman

March 24, 2022

My guest today is the incredible Pirie Jones Grossman. Pirie started working in L.A. and over the following 20 years became a well-known actor and then a very high profile presenter and TV host for E! Entertainment, Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC. 

She was famous, fabulous, and part of an L.A. power couple. But privately, she struggled deeply after hitting rock bottom. Pirie left L.A. for good and settled in Sun Valley, Idaho. Over time, she broke through, found herself and decided to go through a healing journey and change her life. 

Today, Perry is an international bestselling author, a soul-centred, transformational life coach and TEDx speaker and co-founder and co-host of podcast Own Your Throne. I highly recommend reading her amazing book Conversations With Pirie: 30 Stories of People Who Reinvented Themselves

Today through her own experiences, period works with clients to empower their life path, enabling them to learn and recover from their life events, and rise like a phoenix to fulfil their potential. 

I am sure you will love our conversation as much as I did.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that this is earth school.

Pirie Jones Grossman

Points of discussion:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Going back to Pirie’s early childhood (02:45)
  • Moving past childhood trauma (07:59)
  • Building the next chapter (10:37)
  • Pirie’s first marriage (13:46)
  • Moving to L.A. and starting a professional career (15:21)
  • Second Marriage and suicide attempt (20:18)
  • Leaving LA (24:39)
  • Becoming a mother (28:54)
  • Healing journey – Road to reinvention (34:51)
  • Coaching as life mission (40:07)
  • Final words by Dee (44:23)

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