Nomshado Michelle Baca: A success story of an immigrant entrepreneur

June 17, 2021

Today I’m having a coffee with a beautiful, spectacular Nomshado Michelle Baca. Her great story starts in Zimbabwe and continues in London. She is a successful immigrant entrepreneur, founder of A Complexion company, where she developed botanical wellness products based on traditional African remedies. Her amazing products are available both in the UK and in US and recognized by Vogue, Forbs, and many others. 

Nomshado shared with us the story of her childhood in Africa, fond memories of her grandmother and parents, and coming to the UK at the age of nine. She talked about her challenges of adapting to new environments and circumstances while coping with the rejection of other children in school. She discovered that she can learn how to fit in and make people more comfortable with her being different. We talked about why immigrants make great entrepreneurs.

We talked about the Black Lives Matter movement and how everything is more difficult when you are a black female. The change we need is not a threat but an idea of a new, better, diverse society. Nomshado taught us that when two individuals are getting married in her culture, both families are getting together trying to understand each other. This is how she sees the way races have to work together to build a society everyone will be comfortable with. 

Nomshado took us through her first steps as an entrepreneur. She started her company as a beauty company for the needs of black women because not all solutions made for everyone are the best for a specific race. 

After having health issues caused by her diet, she realized she has to take a lot of supplements to get back to normal. This was when her grandfather told her about the traditional multivitamin their ancestors used to get the necessary nutrition and energy.

Furthermore, we talked about A Complexion co. and what the plans are for the future. They are working on lots of new products which will soon be launched on the market. They are also educating people on how important it is to understand that their biology impacts how they process certain vitamins and minerals.

Right now, in collaboration with herbalists and scientists, they are designing a unique revolutionary supplement for people of colour that promises to be a gamechanger. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (00:58)
  • Early days in Africa (03:02)
  • First days in the UK (07:28)
  • How do we adapt? (9:58)
  • Why fit in when you can stand out (16:20)
  • Nomshado’s point of view on ethnic diversity today (24:23)
  • How did you start your business? Do you feel today that you have grown into yourself? (30:27)
  • Your business today and plans for the next year (42:55)
  • What is the best piece of advice someone has given to you? (48:45)
  • If you could have coffee with anyone, who would that be? (49:29)

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