Jill Sherer Murray: The unstoppable power of letting go

November 15, 2021

Jill Sherer Murray is an author, award-winning journalist, life coach and founder of “Let go for it” a lifestyle brand that enables people to enhance their lives by learning how to let go of what is holding them back.

Jill is the author of “Big Wild Love: the unstoppable power of letting go,” published in 2020. Her TEDx talk (Jill Sharer Murray The unstoppable power of letting go) about letting go now has over 3 million views.

Today we talk about how the changes in her life have forced her to look in the mirror and answer some very hard questions. Jill shared a pivotal moment when she decided to end a long relationship that wasn’t working. Despite the pain, she learned that the biggest love story we have is ultimately with ourselves. Jill decided to throw herself into embracing change and taking true responsibility for her choices.

We discussed the fear most people have of making mistakes when they have to confront choices and change. Jill elaborated on her experience about this. She also shared that the hardest change she is experiencing right now is getting older and how she handles this.

We discussed intuition and epiphany, which Jill defines as truth inside of us begging for attention. Her view is that you don’t have to be mature to follow your instinct and trust what you know. You just need to sit with your intuition, love yourself and know that you deserve the thing you want. 

Points of Discussion:

  • Introduction (01:01)
  • The pivotal moment (03:05)
  • How did you adjust to the change? (06:52)
  • Why do you think human beings struggle with change? (12:27)
  • Moving forward, both physically and emotionally (15:55)
  • How did you change your approach to dating? (17:39)
  • How slowing down due to Covid affected us psychologically (20:25)
  • How to own your own choices (22:24)
  • The hardest part of change (24:25)
  • The fundamental role of instinct and intuition (30:27)
  • The powerful combination of loving yourself and letting go (35:42)
  • Advice for someone who is facing major change (39:11)
  • What is your mission in life today? (41:37)
  • Key takeaways (43:50)

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