There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong with You | Gerad Kite

January 20, 2022

My guest today is Gerad Kite, internationally recognized as an acupuncture master and a fertility expert. Gerad trained in five element acupuncture of which he is now a master and teacher based in London. He started the first-ever NHS acupuncture service in the UK in 1993, based at King’s college hospital, predominantly working with patients with AIDS and terminal illnesses.

Gerad is a renowned author. His latest book ‘The Art of Baby Making’ came out in 2020, and he has gained a reputation as the daddy of all fertility experts. Gerad has gone through much change in his life and enabled many to make lasting change in theirs. His discovery of acupuncture was a true epiphany and in our conversation, he tells me all about that moment and the life-changing journey he embarked on.

I loved learning about his early approach to work and his rigid mindset, how limiting that eventually was and how somewhere like San Francisco in the 80s could offer such a world of liberation and change. Gerad reminded me that we are so often more programmed to think and behave in a certain way than we realise. And that something, often is about taking a risk.

“It doesn’t have to be a big risk but take a step outside of the box and take a risk”

Gerad Kite

Points of discussion:

(00:00) Introduction

(01:44) What was it like to leave London and move to San Francisco?

(04:53) How did you change your mindset and went into acupuncture?

(09:11) Five element acupuncture 

(11:39) After the years of training and practice in acupuncture, what shifted in you?

(18:09) How Gerad became fertility expert

(22:03) What are seasons teaching us about changes in life?

(25:19) How to get back to the mindful living?

(26:00) Why do people struggle with change?

(28:26) One piece of advice from Gerad

(29:15) Future focus and plans

(30:09) Key takeaways by Dee

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