How Mental – Inspiring Story of Social Entrepreneur George Taktak

March 3, 2022

George Taktak and I had a fabulous high-speed conversation about the highs, the lows, and the challenges of humanizing and scaling mental health movement and support. We also discussed how George his creative talents, he is both an artist and a poet, contributing vitally to his high growth business and his wellbeing.

George is an entrepreneur, mental health activist, and founder of How Mental – a social movement of more than a quarter of a million people whose mission is to make mental health care accessible to all. The Genesis for How Mental started some years ago, born out of Georgia’s own struggles and his experience of a harrowing mental pain.

He was so beautifully honest and inspiring to talk to. I am always amazed by his passion, his knowledge and his refusal to accept the status quo. 

I loved what he said about being his authentic self, being able to do what he loves but also making sure he can rely on himself too. That he is strong and has the tools he needs to achieve great things in his life. 

How wonderful would it be if one day his vision of a new metric for success –  a GDW gross domestic wellbeing metric – would become the way we measured how well we were doing, how happy our communities were. Inspiring food for thought. 

Being able to take care of yourself, being able to support yourself and know what you need is so important.

George Taktak

Points of discussion:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • George’s experience of working as a banker  (03:01)
  • Dealing with the loss of a family member (05:31)
  • How did George turn the corner and started his next step on the journey (11:54)
  • How is he supporting himself today (16:04)
  • View on isolationism of technology (21:35)
  • Growth of How Mental movement (23:27)
  • Role of creativity (27:25)
  • The biggest moment of change/epiphany (30:24)
  • Takeaways by Dee (34:21)

In this episode, we mentioned one of our past guests Christine Handy. You can listen to that interview here.