Dee Stirling

Hi, I am Dee Stirling, a storyteller, a lover of language and languages. I am also a businesswoman and a co-founder and trustee of the Centre for Entrepreneurs. Welcome to my podcast, Double Espresso with Dee. Over coffee, I will get curious with my guests about their journeys in business and in life and how they practice living courageous, creative and interesting lives. In my first series, ‘Meet The Entrepreneurs’ I will be talking to some incredible entrepreneurs, both new and established, about their stories.

I have lived in Milan, Paris and Frankfurt and now London is my city. I have worked internationally at the most senior level for over 25 years in the entrepreneur community and the corporate world, for both publicly quoted and privately held businesses. Today, I am a senior advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs and hold a number of board positions.

I am Irish and I love a great story, telling one, hearing one, sharing one. My podcast, Double Espresso with Dee, is for everyone who loves a story.

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