How Veronica Chou brought sustainable fashion to Everybody & Everyone

July 14, 2021

Today I am beyond happy to welcome Veronica Chou, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an environmentalist, and my dear friend. She has seen every aspect and angle of the fashion industry. Today, she is the founder of Everybody & Everyone, an eco-innovative and size inclusive sustainable fashion brand. 

To start, we talked about the major issues around the fashion industry that led Victoria to the launch of Everybody & Everyone, such as textile dyeing, water contamination, fossil fuels, microfibers, and plastic in clothing. She shared a story about how she noticed something wrong in the industry when she was just a teenager and how it made her discover her purpose in sustainability.

Before launching a sustainable fashion brand, Victoria was excited about the material science and digitalization of the process. After detailed research, she made decisions and choices about recycled materials and alternatives, such as food waste-based materials. 

Her collections are inspired by the mission to design evergreen, long-lasting fashion items one can wear in different styles and occasions. They also use 3D technology to facilitate the design process and cut down wastage.

We discussed regenerative agriculture as the most hopeful technology we could use in the future. It will have a great impact on the sustainability of the textile industry, among others.

Victoria shared with us what she learned from her experience. It is essential to follow your interests and to choose the right people to work with. And, of course, the pandemic taught us to be ready to pivot and adapt. 

Key points of discussion:

Introduction (01:12)

Issues around the fashion industry and the environment (02:11)

How to bring innovation to life (06:55)

Using food waste-based materials (09:55)

Innovative eco-technology in sustainable fashion (11:15)

Using 3D technology in fashion design (17:37) 

Other innovations on the horizon (18:27)

Biggest hopes and concerns (22:22)

About beginnings and influences (26:59)

What was the biggest learning for you? (28:34)

Where would you like your business to be in the next two or three years? (33:17)

If you could have a coffee with anyone, who would it be? (34:22)

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