The Truth About Taking Risk In Life with Gerad Kite

April 14, 2023

Over the coming weeks, we will launch the Double Espresso With Dee shorts. 10-minute podcast episodes with key soundbites from my amazing guests. We will revisit themes that matter to you, risk letting go, overcoming adversity, embracing failure, making a change, identity, how to be you and many more. Many of my guests have talked about the importance of taking risks to show yourself what you’re made of and grow in every aspect of your life. All of them believe that if you play it too safe, you will miss out on the many adventures and opportunities that life brings. I always say, give it a go take the leap. What is the worst that can happen?

My dear friend and guest, Gerad kite is a big proponent of going out of your cosy zone and taking a risk. Many years ago within a space of a few weeks, he left behind a successful business in London, which he built in his early twenties and moved to San Francisco with one suitcase and nowhere to stay. Today, we will hear how he was feeling while taking a risk and changing his life.