Tamara Gillan: Female financial future

May 19, 2021

I am very happy to introduce you to my guest today. It is spectacular Tamara Gillan. She is a serial entrepreneur, a warrior for female empowerment and equality, founder of two award-winning agencies (including Cherry London), and founder of The WealthiHer platform.

She is also a major change agent, award winner, a speaker – I would say an action girl. 

Tamara shared with us the genesis of The WealthiHer network. She accepted the challenge of women’s economic empowerment, and the network was launched in a record time of just six months. They did massive research to find a deep understanding of gender economic differences, but also values, motivations, and needs behind women’s financial decisions. 

We talked about female entrepreneurship, leadership, and managing female-dominant teams. We discuss how working from home affected our professional habits and what we can learn from the working environment during Covid. 

Tamara and her team focus on education and virtual events and beginning to gather offline in small discussion groups. They are working on a general report where they will sum up all their previous learnings. 

Tamara explained what should be standing behind every business partnership and how she made her first steps as an entrepreneur. Today, she is even more passionate about partnerships and opportunities they can create. 

On the other hand, she shares with us challenges of her own caused by the pandemic period. We emphasize the importance of taking a break, recharging our batteries, and getting to work with fresh energy. 

Tamara encourages you to ask someone you respect to tell you what you are good at and use those strengths in all different fields.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introducing Tamara (1:05)
  • About The WealthiHer network (3:20)
  • What happened after starting a movement like this? (8:11)
  • What have you learned from this experience? (13:02)
  • Challenge of remote-working women (18:19)
  • What are exciting focal points for your team right now? (21:25)
  • Tamara’s life in partnerships (25:20)
  • How do you make a game plan? (27:12)
  • Beck to the time Tamara launched her first business (28:53)
  • What are the big things going on in your life today? (33:59)
  • How do you manage different aspects of your life? (36:09)
  • The piece of advice in the new world order (42:16)
  • If you could have a coffee with anyone, who would that be? (45:20)

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